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Hello, and welcome to Mutation Clearinghouse!


A while ago, the great Viperion said:

The new, revamped, expanded Mutation Clearinghouse is now open.

Mutation Clearinghouse will be your stop for mutators, just like Mutator Clearinghouse once was. In addition, Mutation Clearinghouse will also have Total Conversions already TA:M compatible on-site. The Mutators and TC's should be up when you read this message.


However, he never got to finish the site. He asked me to do it instead, and this is the outcome. I, ATRCaptainKirk, will be your new WebMaster for the time, Drinken will be the MutationMaster and Justin_Sane will be the ConversionMaster. You can find out info about the staff in the staff section.

Mutation Clearinghouse will be like a staging point for people to learn about existing TC's and mutators, and try them out.

Mutation Clearinghouse is a site that works only with TA:Mutation. If you don't have it, get it here. We strongly recommend this great program. We will provide you with Total Conversions that are TA:M compatible (or make them compatible ourselves), and with hard and soft mutators for TA:M.
To install TA:M properly, follow this link for a tutorial.
At MCH, we act like you have the newest version of TA:M (currently 1.0.1) :^)
Everything we offer is guaranteed to work with the newest version. If not, it will be shown, and which version it does work with (at least).

TC's we will have as Vip said above, but not on-site, we provide links instead, and only small ones we host. We will try to have a large assortiment of TC's.

Mutators we will have enough :^)
Mutators are fairly easy to make, and Drinken (and even me) like to do it. We will also accept mutators made by others, of course. You can also suggest/request mutators, and we'll see what we can do. We will even review the mutators if we can, although only from a technical point of view, since we are limited to our own scopes :^)

AI's we will rarely have. If you want AI's, go to AI Central instead, it's the web's best resource for AI's for TA and TA:K.

Maps we won't have either. You will only find links for the CaveDog maps here. TAMEC does a great job on maps, so if you're onto maps, check it out! It also offers maps for quite a few other games.
If Immerman implements map packs, we will host those files.

Units we will have in a certain way...TC's and hard mutators can include units after all. We also have the official CaveDog units here for you, along with a unitpack file for TA:M to switch them on and off all at once. We may have the unitpack files for other units groups too, so take a look.

Snapshots we give a little bit of attention...After all, they're not that universal and require certain mutators and/or TC's. And of course it's very easy to make them yourself. But since they are a part of TA:M, we will pay some attention to them. For example, somebody could've found a very cool combination of mutators, and this way you could have the same experience without clicking everything you need.

As you might have noticed that were all the tabs as you can find them in TA:M. We will cover most of it, but some things are done already by others (and save us the trouble :^)

I hope you like this site and if there's anything you want to tell or ask me or Drinken, contact us, or post it in the forum!